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We like the ghetto booty models with the 40's
Rolling on the broken roads, bitches coming for me
and it's zoom zoom like Mazda
22 be part rasta
Smoking all the ganga like he gone be a goner
Gone be a cold day in hell on the day that I die
Cause I'm the coldest mother fucker alive, no lie
When every day is a battle all the cattle and the sheeple might look a little different but they the same kind of people
I ain't fuckin with no body
I don't care what you doing
Trying to be somebody, Its what I been doing
Feeling dangerous as fuck
Bitch I dare you try me
Ya I see ya turn ya head as ya ride right by me
I'm elevated and faded
Everything but overrated
A fixture and a factor I be balling like a Raptor
Rap attackin' mackin'
I'm sackin' the quarterback in the back field
The real deal, highlight reel is a movie
All these bitches wanna do me an I'm done
All these bitches wanna do me an I'm done

When I see you hos in the cut
Wanna See you shit face see you get fucked up
I just killed a whole bottle and Im off my rocker
More buzzed than a teen girl with new AA’s
Double shots to the face
Double thots, sweaty crop tops
When the cops come we don’t stop like AIDS
Wasting my liver, limits all my days
As I stuff it in quick, like Im robbing a bank

Dicing up the yay
Slam my face in just like scar face
Pouring hot vodka into mellow yellow
I eat so much booty my teeth turn yellow
Not gold
We want dollar bills not gold
I cant throw no 10 pound bar at a ho

Yeah Im wheezing I don’t huff but I got smoke out of my lungs
If you draw my blood and test it probably be a couple months
See I aint clean, no way you seen me chase 3 shots, Bombay then beer
I cant see clear or near, no one try to stop me in my mode
I’m talking, real mean nasty when I get up at the scene
I’m a tear some heads when shit talking get too smelly for me
I just wanna see the colors bounce off all the pretty girls
In the club on percs, and mary, sipping vodka in my cup of ice
Drop it extra low tonight
Low like on the bottom of the barrel, where the resin is and take an extra pull tonight
Sip me up my potion like its mana or some other shit
Drip all on that booty cheek, and grind more with a different freak
She know what all my weakness be, positions that are just for me
Like one leg here and there, I nominate my face the perfect seat
Yeah she wanna get high

Why you gotta drink like that
Why you get lit like that?
Turn it all up
She wanna get high
Why you gotta drink like that
Why you get lit like that
Turned all up
You make me wanna get high

[.22 Hondo]
Yeah I'm fucked up right now
Yeet yeet
Man Get the fuck out my way
Yeah, 22 on Tha scene

Got my glock bitch I'm loaded
Catch me up
Watch me unload it
She filling me up
Now I'm floating
On the road
Too much dough
So much ass on the floor
See my flaws ghetto floss
I may be young
But I'm not
Spray 'em down
Shoot 'em up
We gon show 'em who's boss
We gon show 'em what's up
And we gon show 'em who's not
Fuck around
Fuck a thot
Look around
Feeling hot
Prey in my eyes
Praying for shelter
You yelling that helter skelter
Pull the trigger
I'm a sinner
Feel me up natural born killa
Ain't nothin' to fear here
Ain't nothin' around here
My glocks is hot
Ya pops is not
I'm dropping them
Feeling good now
I'm popping them
Feeling hood now
Get at Hondo
Get the wire
Feel me up
Feeling tired


from ASSCLAPPERS INTL., released July 4, 2017



all rights reserved


Men 2 Boys Phoenix, Arizona

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