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Mo' Booty Enterprises Presents:

The 3rd album by Men 2 Boys, ASSCLAPPERS INTL.

"3 long years in the making, M2B release their most aggressively polished album to date. .22 Hondo (FKA Jean-Pierre) delivers his most devilish and calm performances, whereas Rob Boss and "Trilly" Blake return with their classic outrageous and bombastic lyrics. All are more focused than on previous recordings. Production is still handled by Boss, with every track self produced. ASSCLAPPERS INTL. is a showcase of Men 2 Boys' songwriting abilities and a testament to getting f***ed up."


released July 4, 2017

Men 2 Boys are Rob Boss, "Trilly" Blake and .22 Hondo
Produced by Rob Boss
Recorded in Blake's whip
Artwork by Boss

Special thanks to Arturo Martinez for the title name
Thanks to: Chuck The Motherfucker, Sam The Penetrator, The Jason "Sanchez", Elena Garcia, Eli Garcia, Frank, Winston The Bulldog, Toto, Randy K.,



all rights reserved


Men 2 Boys Phoenix, Arizona

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Track Name: PASSPORT
Uh Make it work bitch
Turn around make it work bitch
make that money bitch
turn around make that money and grab your
Shake that ass for it
On the international tour bring that

This is the chill in your bones like a horror show
20 miles deep in the ground or a comatose
Bad bad bad hoes on the west coast
Rob Boss on em like jelly on toast
Yeah, just a state away on a lower note
Turn that zip code from a 9 to an 8
Haven’t ate, eating cut copy paste bitches
Slurping up them bitches, take a bite out my sandwich
2 to the 1 to the- fuck it Im a 10
Don’t let me round your booty girl poke it with my hen
Toothpick with blood I could really use a pen
Write it down caught flame, call it arson
Shabba ranks style but im light skin Mexican
Sanchez wonder when we drop an album again
Now bitch, turn it back around drop it down bitch
Robby at the bank get down, its what they call me now
ho im blinged out,
looking like a cube tray, andole, yay for the gringa
how you gonna tell me you didn’t come for the brinca?
tan girls, white shirts, white girl Pfeiffer
beat the pussy up, now she gonna need some life alert
okay bad line like the border
Nother bad one, m2b not in order
Fuck it my verse done

Pull up Stop
Check the text bitch
Burning up our next hit
Trilly killin' it Trilly kicking it
Kicking back in the drop top
With my hat off the gloves are off
Pullin no punches pulling out all the stops
Never stop fighting until I'm the one on top
Pull out the pass port
Got bags by Jan Sport
Hop on the plan we going on a world tour
Catch us in the hood you can catch us in the Ritz
We fucks with the poor and we fucks with the rich
Bonjour Salute
Don't fuck with our crew
Hola Adios
Don't fuck with the dios
Amarillo in my glass
I'm steppin' on the gas
Always up in the function
Never let up, live fast
I got straight bars like the penitentiary
Listen up when I spit bitch, it's elementary
An there's flames all around when Trilly getting down
I'm the man of the city ya I run this town
From Phoenix to the Yay
Is the land that we slay
The land that we roam
But the world is our home
Cause we international
An I'm irrational
2k17 Ass clappers international
Slap slap slap slap slappin' yo bitch
Rolling up with Trilly is somethin' that you wish
An it's swish swish swish swish every time I ball
I N T L be slappin' for all
An if you wanna have a good time baby just call
If I don't pick up, then blame it on the law
The ball is in my hand and the game is on the line
1.3 seconds left, just enough time
I sink the shot from half court
Gave them what they asked for
Time to take a trip
Baby grab your passport

I fucked your bitch
I fucked you wife
She she gave me head
she licked me good she licked me nice
we fucked again we fuck to win
we fucked alright
now fuck your clique you know my style
you know my range
now suck the tip
now heres some dick
taste the flavor the flavor of sin
I called her up she talked me down
her hair was did
we fucked around now once again
shorty deep throat the meat rope
the leaves broke
My feet float
we lit we did
2 lives 2 times
2 kids 2 cars
and rich as fuck
too much green and im so high
too much green and im so kind
half chub and im livid
half chub now lets get it
fuck wit me again bitches
1 2 3 4
clap that ass a little more
1 2 3 4
I want to see you on that floor like
1 2 3 4
bootys slap behind closed doors
1 2 3 4
come on baby give me more

we international
now clap

[.22 Hondo]
Every time I come around this bitch
They tryna tell me I'ma make them rich
Coming up im in that Ace of Diamonds
We gon fuck we gon let off sirens
Make it rain I'ma pull out that thunder
Take it off girl go make it louder
I'm in the zone i'm like Saint Laurent
Some Dom Perignon in the morning
I feel like givin' tips of 40
Not too much just enough to flaunt me
If we gon fuck we gon fuck some more
It dont matter girl I'm down on the floor
100 dollar bills 100 dollar bills
I dont know but I'm feelin so trill
All the way up and I'm feeling so hard
Clap that ass girl thong or nah
22 will make you feel so good
Cuz we gon do it we gon do it some more yeah

I got fine ass bitches all over the world
turn around and make it clap that fat ass girl
Rob B, vibrate on me alright
a fine day for a thot
shake it like michael j fox on my cock, cock back let that hair whip
I just want cheeks I dont want no tits
amore when she giving me brain
fuck her in the ass i dont step on the brakes
when I speed in my whip she be lickin the tip
I dont want you fuckboys be giving me lip
When I got 8 stacks for a trip to the club
you better crawl on all 4s like the dog that you are
im a beast
you fuckers cant fuck with Rob
Im laying back in my studio lootin your wallets
I dont care if you want it or not
Assclappers up first on the billboard charts
nah fuck that
Im the king of the streets
gotta clean my sheets every day not every week
cuz fat bitches make a mess in the bed
ah ah ah

un we international
(Turn it up!)
now clap

Assclappers assclappers International

I rock with movers and shakers all around the world
Big booty hoes that's my kind of girls
She show up in the function rocking nothin' but ass
Shaking it for the party, that shit was a blast
Then my homie put her on blast for bein a hoe
So I caught him in the dome and said you gotta go
She might be freaky and she might get loose
But that there's my hoe so you can catch me with the deuce
An I fuck after hours after party homecoming bridal showers
I get it when I get it and she with it when I hit it
That pussy so wet I be stroking and swimming
She be moanin' and grinning
I be scoring, she's winning
Fuck a boat load of hoes
Pantyhose on the door
Do not disturb sign
Fucking five 9's at one time
Plus three dimes
The I bounce
Give it to you when it counts

Ass clappers Ass clappers international
Track Name: GET LIT
[.22 Hondo]
Looky here man
I'ma tell you straight up
I'm fucked up right now
I got my hoes up right now
I’ma tell you right now
They got my hopes up right now
I keep it one hunnit
I keep it one hunnit
but you already know that
I'm hustling 9-5
Bish I’m Working 9-5
Bitch I'm getting on my grind
Getting getting on my grind
I'm stunting 9-5
I’m flexing 9-5
I’ll be fucking 9-5
She can paint my body
I’ma make her naughty
You know what to do
Playing like the flute
Expanding my money
Son he gon fight you
He not gon neglect you
He cocking the gat
There's no looking back
Bitch I'm reloaded reloaded
Bitch I'm reloaded reloaded

Boom boom splat
Boom boom splat
I'm back to back
This is not Iraq
Bitch I'm back to back
Back to back
Back to back

fuck what you heard
its what you hearin'
5 years later still killin'
this rap game this no fame
this shit bang is lit flame
when we play this in the club
get lit
when she say she wanna fuck
get lit
we be bangin on them subs
get lit
put your fucking hands up
get lit

Bottles of champagne stacked up so high I need a ladder now
Watch your step you climbing pretty high dont you stumble now
I count 3 hos
I fit 5 toes into these Nike swoops
this my coup
sweat pants and I finna juke
orange juice and vod sauce
high heels and booty floss
skimpy on that boat ride
pour a glass then catch a tide
take a dip in the warm water
warm welcome to the gold fam
hold the money
got dirt on it, stripper ass and poles on it
slide in with a back pedal
muddle hoes I deserve a medal
mess with me thats some dumb shit
God know like im the Devil
Im true evil
enemies on my boot heel, come lick
come hear my fire spit
sock it to em ima fly through em
hunt em down cause my crew fit
girls all lined up i slew em all
new bitch in a satin bra
mary J in a mason jar
shit hot you left the stove on
fuck the stove take your clothes off
no love get out my car
9 to 5 fuck a ho put a condom on
Track Name: BAD BOY
Got that candy yeah
Smarty wrapped get your facts
Rollin through the city
With a stash
Hola stacks
She wanna fuck on me
Ride on me like a coaster seat
She gone see how far go, it deep
She gone be my plus one on the first class
Baby girl, baby girl booty look hungry up in that sundress
Cheeks eating up smooth cotton probably cost a grand for the fabric option
Cause that dress fly to impress me
All this time would you talk wit me
Plain taking off now listen me
I got something to say aye

I’m a bad boy
I do bad shit
I’m a busy boy
I aint to play with
You a bad girl
Baby lets hit the road
Before I take you home to mama theres some things that you gotta know

M2B bring the party
Fucking up stuff you gone have to see
Baddest in the building she the one for me
It's all real girl not a fallacy
She move it for Blake
She rock with the bass
Swinging them hips she gimme a taste
I think I'm love drunk, drunk on your humps
Gave you that look now you got goosebumps
Ya I'm a bad man
But you a bad bitch
Fucking with me you thought you was gonna get rich
But it ain't about the money, nah girl you a savage
Only worried about locking down the baddest man on the planet
Ass jiggle when she walk, looking thicker than mayo
Dangerous on the dance floor, looking like fuego
Throw back all the drinks you want, heyo
Anything you want girl, say so
Pockets like Doowah I got 19 20's
and 20 100's I keep it 100
You know I make it happen
Trunk stay slapping
Bass up in ya face and I got that ass clapping
Blake is the baddest the maddest, I mean it
People still hating man they just can't believe it
Cause I rock and scoop
Twist and whip
Hit the two-step then I do that front flip
I said I rock and scoop
Twist and whip
Hit the two-step then I do the front flip
She wanna get a hoodboy
Fucking with no good boy
Got it understood boy?
I'm the one she would, boy
Hitting it
Getting it
Getting lit
Really quick

[.22 Hondo]
I got mad dick
And you do bad shit
Tell me what you see
Tell me tell me what you need

Now Go on girl
Now it move nice and slow
Cuz I'm an ass man
That's all you need to know
You told me your a nympho
I'm ready to perform

Eyes closed
Shake it up and down
Mami you so sexy
I'm Ready to explode

Meeting you
The best day of my life
Them cuffs
Them chains
I'm gonna it make rain
Grey poupon on your bum
That's what I'm livin for

S&M on the bed
Looking like a show

you and me
take turns
fuck it up
Let her climb up to the top of me
she a freak it aint stoppin see
we inhaled a cloud of the kush
Bust and chill fuck a movie
riding riding
full nelson grinding
pound pound like the EU
cha ching and the gouda too
all the cheese like Pee ew
all that KY call it Jiffy lube
condom sticking to my member
flavors like cherry banana
Track Name: GOT DAMN!
These hoes just won the lottery
They get to spend the whole night with me
Trilly mo seasoned than Lawrys
Trilly gone hit em with robbery
My trunk flex harder than me, but nobody harder than B see
Bring me the beats, heat an I'll slay all them shits accordingly
I got connects wherever I roam
Go to any hood and call it home
Just leave me alone, y'all don't know
Where my flows and my blows will take you, you hoes
Higher and higher I cannot get down
Drop to your knees and then give me that crown
Life is like a painting there is no complaining
Swerving through the city 24's is skating
In my slab i'm swangin'
Slow loud and banging, Uh
She be blowing me up tryna start a fight
While I be kicking back knocking at the light
Yo toss me that rock cause I'm shooting
Not talking coke bitch, I'm hoopin'
Cross over then fade away
Ankle breaking on the break away
Better run better get away
So you live to see another day

[.22 Hondo]
Hoes and hoes and hoes
Cooking them unlike before
I yayo that ína
I'm driving my bimmer
Roll the dice split the lines

I need a girl that can ride on me
Go head girl
Go head now rattle me
She fucking nonstop she gon have to see
Roll up to the club it's a fallacy

Nintendo in my car
Got the glocks up
Fat blunts bitches roll 'em up
Ice in my VEINS
Ice in my VEINS
22 gon fuck you up

I'm a gorilla, I'm a dog
She gone tell me son what's up
Hustling neighborhood plug
She cooking that limousine thug
Robbing like neighborhood pirates
She gon give her self a virus
Twerking that ass Miley Cyrus

Yeah man tax my ass
I don't give a fuck
22 with the crew
Yeah man fuck you too

Strollin’ with that fat on her
Dollars up in that ass
No need for the toilet paper that green is all that she grab
She tushy fat, she tushy fat she buying all her kids clothes
Dip into that coke bag, Gucci clothes without the tags
Ass on the floor like an ampersand
Twerk high in a hand stand
Slide down like a fire man
Cause the club hot gonna need a fan
Or a firehose got one of those, now let me spray down all the hoes
Tryna get fucked in a function, Drunk as hell and ready to go

Go now robby ready to go
I maniac when I spit up the flow
I lost my mind, don’t you ask me for more
Come get your little bitch out my 4 door
I been producing since Michael been gone
You think we joking come choke on this bone
All these young rappers its time to fuck on
I N T L bitch go hard or go home

Go hard or go home
Come check me out when I’m flinging the disc
Bumping as hard as some e40 shit
Getting turned up now we banging this shit
Like a forest fire, it get too lit
Track Name: GANG GANG
[ shit ]

Poppin' them bottles and fuckin' with models
I pour up champagne in the back of the Tahoe
An I don't give a fuck what you think about us
Cause I'll catch you in the streets and I'll hit you with my truck
Vroom vroom clear out the room
Men 2 Boys beats sounding like a sonic boom
An it doom doom, when we coming for you
Soon soon, we gonna get you
Bang bang, it's all that we do
Gang gang, slapping in the booth
Fuckin' hoes sideways
Rollin' down highways
There is no other way
There is only my way
Fetty Wap drop top rain drop bitch stop
With that shit take a hit get split get lit
Creeping like El Duende
Men tiendes, comprende?
She call me her vato
But really I'm not though
I just do my thing when I wear my gold chain
Rolled up in the ice melt it like I'm Liu Kang
Doing 140 residential in my bucket
I saw the police and hit the gas like fuck it
I'm too fast and I'm furious
Your hoe look to curious
Catch me in the alley
I'm the king of the valley
Heads will be rolling
An I'll be patrolling
Hoes on 24's got em leaking, Edward Snowden

[.22 Hondo]
We on that gang gang shit
That psycho rampage shit
That fuck you up and it's lit
Ain't talking bout yo clique
We talkin' bout gettin fit
Got my 1911
Now you know I'm the shit
We on that sup sup game
That fast money and fame
I'ma slaughter you all
I see all of you flaws

Bitch then come and get some
With my Smith and Wesson
Fighting fire with fire
cashing check after check
Bitch you still sippin lean
Tiger blood, Charlie sheen

Catch my grip
Catch my dick
Catch a shot
Catch a body
Squeeze that trigg
Squeeze that shit like lit lit
I don't give a fuck man
Who you doing
What you doing
Who you clique
I'ma catch you up and down

Where the rubbers at yeah

Where the rubbers at yeah


Gang gang
I got my flow from the underground
Karat gold in my dentures
thinkin "why the fuck you fuckin' with the boys?"
boy we dangerous
Hot shot
you was on the cast of Barney
when at age 9 i was out shoplifting
had a single flip lighter and I flip when im stressed out
lookin at some church grown sluts they be sexed out
bouncing pale white ass cheeks but they flat
if you cant make it clap
you can get the fuck out my house
shimmy shimmy yah get me hard
fuck your gang my gang go far
bitch Im Gengar lick your bitch get her hot
fuck your whole squad spray em down with my bars
spray your momma too she a whore in disguise
ask me how her stretch marks look on her thighs
Im a wise guy yeah im out of shape
cause i fuck french skanks and the cooking me crepes
Im a killer man make no mistake
break the bank shoot up the place
Bonny, Clyde my lezzy hoes
they make vids and they gimme dome
Lit like a ciggy, but iggy gone flat
put az on the map
fuck fame i want the game but fame is chill i wont complain
Track Name: LIKE THAT
We like the ghetto booty models with the 40's
Rolling on the broken roads, bitches coming for me
and it's zoom zoom like Mazda
22 be part rasta
Smoking all the ganga like he gone be a goner
Gone be a cold day in hell on the day that I die
Cause I'm the coldest mother fucker alive, no lie
When every day is a battle all the cattle and the sheeple might look a little different but they the same kind of people
I ain't fuckin with no body
I don't care what you doing
Trying to be somebody, Its what I been doing
Feeling dangerous as fuck
Bitch I dare you try me
Ya I see ya turn ya head as ya ride right by me
I'm elevated and faded
Everything but overrated
A fixture and a factor I be balling like a Raptor
Rap attackin' mackin'
I'm sackin' the quarterback in the back field
The real deal, highlight reel is a movie
All these bitches wanna do me an I'm done
All these bitches wanna do me an I'm done

When I see you hos in the cut
Wanna See you shit face see you get fucked up
I just killed a whole bottle and Im off my rocker
More buzzed than a teen girl with new AA’s
Double shots to the face
Double thots, sweaty crop tops
When the cops come we don’t stop like AIDS
Wasting my liver, limits all my days
As I stuff it in quick, like Im robbing a bank

Dicing up the yay
Slam my face in just like scar face
Pouring hot vodka into mellow yellow
I eat so much booty my teeth turn yellow
Not gold
We want dollar bills not gold
I cant throw no 10 pound bar at a ho

Yeah Im wheezing I don’t huff but I got smoke out of my lungs
If you draw my blood and test it probably be a couple months
See I aint clean, no way you seen me chase 3 shots, Bombay then beer
I cant see clear or near, no one try to stop me in my mode
I’m talking, real mean nasty when I get up at the scene
I’m a tear some heads when shit talking get too smelly for me
I just wanna see the colors bounce off all the pretty girls
In the club on percs, and mary, sipping vodka in my cup of ice
Drop it extra low tonight
Low like on the bottom of the barrel, where the resin is and take an extra pull tonight
Sip me up my potion like its mana or some other shit
Drip all on that booty cheek, and grind more with a different freak
She know what all my weakness be, positions that are just for me
Like one leg here and there, I nominate my face the perfect seat
Yeah she wanna get high

Why you gotta drink like that
Why you get lit like that?
Turn it all up
She wanna get high
Why you gotta drink like that
Why you get lit like that
Turned all up
You make me wanna get high

[.22 Hondo]
Yeah I'm fucked up right now
Yeet yeet
Man Get the fuck out my way
Yeah, 22 on Tha scene

Got my glock bitch I'm loaded
Catch me up
Watch me unload it
She filling me up
Now I'm floating
On the road
Too much dough
So much ass on the floor
See my flaws ghetto floss
I may be young
But I'm not
Spray 'em down
Shoot 'em up
We gon show 'em who's boss
We gon show 'em what's up
And we gon show 'em who's not
Fuck around
Fuck a thot
Look around
Feeling hot
Prey in my eyes
Praying for shelter
You yelling that helter skelter
Pull the trigger
I'm a sinner
Feel me up natural born killa
Ain't nothin' to fear here
Ain't nothin' around here
My glocks is hot
Ya pops is not
I'm dropping them
Feeling good now
I'm popping them
Feeling hood now
Get at Hondo
Get the wire
Feel me up
Feeling tired
Track Name: PALM TREES
did you get someone?
(take you where you wanna go)
(Dont you stress about that money whoa)
(We can get drunk by the shore)
(You my boo girl you already know)

Whoa girl you got me goin
You got that thing goin yeah
I can take you where you wanna go
Dont you stress about that money no
We can get drunk by the shore
You my boo girl you already know
(know know)
I can get you poppin bubblegum in my pocket
tell me how you want it
blanket on the beach
bottles in the sand
Get you fucked up
Get you on one you cant stand
rub my baby up
you be feelin' really good
when we start to touch
(yoyo tell me im the one!)
You say you wanna get it right now
and you talkin bout fuckin on the beach right now
What you talkin bout?
We gonna make a baby right now?
Gettin naked girl
you wanna start something right now?
Marry you right now
love with you right now
I can get you hot whoa
get outta that night gown
in love with you right now
(right now? OK, Alright, Yah)

[.22 Hondo]
Jiggl’in that ass
Jiggle Jiggl’in that ass
Mami we gon make that fire
Spit it out and make you higher
I'm talking about decisions
Bish I'm talking about our business
Ain't nobody around us
So we gon get our freak on
Feeling really good
Bish I'm feeling really nice
Hotel in the lobby
What the fuck did I say twice?
Culo in the backseat
Smelling like a taxi
Uber on my right
Got my Lyft on my left
We gon leave this party frontin'
Yeah Ok
Bikini bottomed babe
Ass triggered
Yeah Ok
Thong bottomed babe
Ass triggered
Yeah Ok
G string bottom babe
Yeah Yeah Ok
Ass triggered

Diamonds on my wrist, diamonds on my necklace
Diamonds on my bitch, spending money so reckless
To the bitches in the back, lookin' so desperate
You know you missed your chance and now you gone regret it
Everybody say they living, but living ain't free
If you wanna be big ballin' then you gotta get your money
Rose in your glass
Giuseppe on your feet
Kors on that ass
Candy paint so sweet
Patron on ice take a sip and kick back
Got the hot tub bubbles running up and down your back
I know you like it like that boujee is your style
Ass looking so fat, stay for a while
Benjis all in stack
Lamborghinis parked out back
Wine is on the rack
You know it's bleezy on the track
So much money flossin'
Like Rondo back in Boston
The court I be crossing
This beat is what I'm lost in
Flying round the world, looking so fresh ya
Making love to my girl, it's the best of the best ya
You know we get that paper You know we get that paper
You know we get that paper You know we get that paper
Track Name: FOREPLAY
Pedals on the pillows
We be fucking on the silk
Hold your leg up baby
Let my head up get you wetter yet
Spread you out
don’t you worry baby, I aint leaving no way
text turns to a call into a facetime, into foreplay
dishes with amore range from whip cream to licorice
now we push, and pulling
red lines streaking on my back
If I’m fucking you there’s no place on earth higher than im at
And as a matter fact
say I love you as I climax

Gettin' to know each other on a personal basis
Got me running to steal home, I've covered all my bases
You say that you love me baby while my hand traces
The curves of your body feelin', filling all your spaces
Space is where you take me when we lovin' off this planet
Blasting off from the waist down, sex so good you couldn't plan it
Rocking tight fit booty shorts and lingerie got damn it
Sexy is your style girl and I can hardly handle it
You're the only one I want, yeah you're my only baby
Call me up any time you need some lovin' on the daily
We need to close this distance you've been drifting lately
When I'm with you baby, baby, life is all gravy

Track Name: .22'S VERSE
[.22 Hondo]
I want to make you feel unreal
You want to do me
Pussy be so chill
Give me neck
Don't break a sweat
Babygirl have no fear
Cum and swallow

Cum and swallow
Off the bottle
Call up your friends
Tell them who's next
Send them a sext
I'll be eating that fish fillet
I'm saving it for later
Cherry popping
Ain't no stopping
All of your friends want to sleep with me
All of your friends want to get with me

Cherry popping
Ain't no stopping
All of your friends want to sleep with me
All of your friends want to get with me
It don't matter bring who's hotter

Cum and swallow
Off the bottle
Call up your friends
Tell them who's next
Send them a sext
I'll be eating that fish fillet
I'm saving it for later

Cherry popping
Ain't no stopping
All of your friends want to sleep with me
All of your friends want to get with me
It don't matter bring who's hotter
Track Name: AQUA
Watch em all fly they rollin
My girl out there rollin
I smoke too much im floatin
floatin too much, that potion
Watch me fuck hoes in motion
Hotel view with ocean
4 story bills we coastin
Let a boy fuck no ho'in
We aint soft no lotion
Dollar bill on that notion
Cock a glock shoot my haters
They speak without knowing

One in the bank
Gas in the tank
Gas gas gas

She gotta moves like it’s a hobby
Take a bitch meet my mommy
Spank her till im her papi
Robby raise a toast to the other girls
Robby raise a toast for the diamond rings
Overboard finer things
Are hoe bling
Rock the boat
Call me when you lonely

Why you always wanna know shit
Keep ya nose out my business
Cause you don't really wanna know shit
That's how you end up on the hit list
Pistol on my waist bitch I'm strapped up
You all up in my face bitch back up
Beating that trunk loose, slappin'
A pimp not a player, mackin'
Whippin' and twistin' and breakin' them ankles
Livin' not trippin' I'm good and I'm thankful
Candy paint drippin' I'm sippin' so tranquil
Flippin', flea-flickin' that money, need a raincoat
Call us innovators going up like elevators
I'm a strong communicator got that force like Darth Vader
An I'll force grab your hoe
Curl up them toes
Boats floating by dropping yola on the shore
Yachts and the women that's all I wanna know
40's on the beach 40 butts on the floor
Tatted up looking like some ice cream
Bikini so small need an eyepiece
Catch me on the beach, where I be
If you wanna have a good time, find me
You need some money bubble butt?
Shake it shake it, double up
Girl lookin' too fly always in the fuckin' cut
Blake don't cake hoes, but Trilly drop that dough
Two shots or mo, I'm a goblin like Dafoe
Yes, I am the one that everybody knows
Let's get fucked up and party on the shore
Sunset looking like gold in the Cadillac throwed feelin' so throwed
Lemme get back to rapping I'm the clean I'm that mean
All y'all bitches know what that mean
Yah yah yah yah yah

Leanin on my day off
Just sippin' on that aqua
lemon lime mixed with it whoa
just sippin on that aqua
Laening on my day off
straw sippin scratching on that bottom
Im fading as the sun submerge
try to keep my body up aye

[.22 Hondo]
Grab the keys to my car
Grab the cheese
Got the feels
At the bar
And I'm filling my cup
Getting tips
Getting rich
Getting fucked
Cuz she
Thick in the waist
Thick in the waist
Ain't no time here to waste
And there's no tummy tuck
Cause she looking to fuck
Ass is so fat
It what dreams are made of
That's a fact
Cuz we breaking that bread
So elated
Cuz we making that bread
Ain't no flaunting the gold teeth
But we rocking the 2-3s
Yeah Yeah Yup