Corndog (Deluxe Edition)

by Men 2 Boys

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The themes of Corndog may seem a little too extreme to some. Not only is Corndog a tasty meal, it is also one of Men 2 Boys' most shocking releases. The cover art was conceived by Rob Boss on Holloween moring, inspired by Sonic's 50 cent corn dog sale as a prank, with the words "Happy HolloWENE" crudely drawn in orange using Microsoft Paint. The original beat to the song Corndog was also made that day.

Recorded in 2014 in Rob's bedroom.

Introduction To Corndog (Rob Boss)

Beat Goes (Rob Boss, Jean Pierre)
Beat Produced by Rob Boss
Rob On The Hook

Bitches (Blake, Jean Pierre, Rob Boss)
Beat Produced by Rob Boss

Corndog (Rob Boss, Blake, Jean Pierre)
Beat Produced by Rob Boss
Project started Oct. 31st
Jean Pierre On The Hook

Give It To You (Rob Boss, Jean Pierre, Blake)
Produced by Rob Boss

Shake That Booty More (Rob Boss, Blake, Jean Pierre)
Produced by Rob Boss
Rob Boss On the Hook

B.A.B (Rob Boss, Jean Pierre, Blake)
Produced By Rob Boss
Rob & Jean Pierre on the Hook

Hit That (Rob Boss, Blake, Jean Pierre)
Produced by Rob Boss
Rob Boss on the Hook

Mo' Booty Records © 2014


released August 21, 2014

Rob Boss - Production, Mixing, Recording, Vocals.
Jean Pierre - Vocals
Blake- Vocals

Corndog © Mo' Booty Records



all rights reserved


Men 2 Boys Phoenix, Arizona

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Track Name: Introduction To Corndog
I want some corn on my dog tonight
I want some corn on my dog thats right
she has the buttocks of a thousand worlds
I want some corn on my dog
He aye He aye He aye He aye
Track Name: Beat Goes
Lord, I have my confession to make
It's been 5 years gonna be a long one, hold back
cat spat back with the track on play
thats what you get for jerking off everyday
my beaner friends they say olay
my bitch aint home but thats okay
spanking that ass when my bitch away
fucking these hoes like the drip gon grey
Push every button that they say
Picking off the byle bitch hey stay ahwile
Don’t touch, too rough in the gutter
Oil that bitch now she smooth like butter
Here’s a free disc hoe take another
Is that my black friend? Call him brother
I know you bought it
The thought of us was so funny though
Stupid hoe..
Beat a butter drip a double rhyme a shit I’m busta rhyme
Like spitting hail, black nails in their prime
Skittle and a dibber dabber onomatopoeia
I know your GF and I wouldn’t wanna be yah
Enough of that shit, Back to the tits
Oops I meant ass, Shit is so fast
Not mean my dick, bitches be sick
Fuck with a prick thin like a stick
Balling hard
Faded Jeans
I got them gold chains with em gold karat rings
Ball hard
Watch you gonna do, you gonna get stomp if you fuck with our crew

Yo Let go
To all my straight G's yall already know
its the M2B show
and if you don't like it, then don't buy it
I'm a let you get away and away we go
hustle and flow
trolling on the keyboard acting like some haters yall a bunch of players
respect our game, dont be ashamed
JP gets what JP wants
so he wants what he wants
a little bit of this and a little bit of that
is that too much for this big boy stuff?
these lyrics meant nothing
no, seriously
these lyrics have no meaning
just trying to make a living yeah
I sit back I sip that I love that girl
as the beat goes
bow bow bow bow bow bow
Track Name: Bitches
I like my pancakes just like I like my
All I do is get head from my
I do doggy style with my
Going through my phone and texting all my
My reward for the night are my
You don't know where I lock up all my
Playing naked twister with a bunch of
How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck
I love black
Creeping on the low when I'm with my
Flying high spending time with my
on my wall in my bed in my room just
Damn yall some fine ass
You know the man Jean-Pierre and his
top of bitches be bitching about their tits because they're
slide my debit card through the ass of all these
I aint about that life I'm about my
Don't have names they're not people, thats why we call them
Go across the ocean cause I love my asian
You know I love them, I love all my
Make me pancakes give me blow jobs because they
Men 2 Boys sure does like all them
I only party with all my
Eating peanut butter off of all my
Track Name: Corndog
Body language read her like a mime
Dodging mines, moving slow one step at a time
Outta time but I'm still playin'
On the court where Fame-in
Take the three buzzers blazing
Won the game cause I'm gaming
Never fallin' when I'm ballin'
Got more brothers than a Baldwin
Stallin' not an option
When you pushin' rocks in the hood
Corndog make a playa wish that he could
Catch a break, catch his breath
Instead a motherfucker gonna catch his death
Playin' M2B he ain't got no respect
Better wear a vest, to protect
Your best interests
You insects get stomped
Can't romp like us, not strong like us
Come back you're fucked
Corndog what's up
Corndog bitch what?
Corndog bitch what!
Track Name: Give It To You
Hey there girl, I really wanna make your toes curl
We can do it all night lets swoon
Head back to your room
You a freak in bed
I just cant get you outta my head
Fuck it, I don't want to
All I wanna do, is you
You know you do, You know you do to
Baby wrap your legs around me
Lets get some stains on that black tee
Track Name: Shake That Booty More
Drop it to the floor, Uh
Shorty you a whore
Come on tell me all about with that ass give me more, bitch
Drop it to the floor, Uh
Shorty you a whore
Gonna have to talk less and shake that booty more

Asses shaking
My body's aching
Drop it to the floor
Go on. shake that booty more
While i throw this cash, galore
Bend and get it off the floor
You;'re my favorite girl
You's a down and dirty whore
Bottle poppin' panty droppin'
Lady killin' show stoppin'
Rollin' in Green so flashy
Yet so obscene and nasty
Now if you agree with us, and would like to see some more
You're gonna have to talk less
And shake that booty more, bitch!

Hey, i thought i told your bitch to shut her mouth
with an ass like that and a mouth so big i bet in bed she loud
if she were a stripper, i would make her twerk with her whole butt hanging out
booty in or out, i bet she smells like sower kraut
now bitch you a bitch
your attitude is making me sick
drop that ass cause your thighs so thick
hot chocolate let a boy have a lick
your last name should be Astley like Rick
now bitch it aint no secret, shut the fuck up
I don't care what you have to say or how bad was your day
I just wanna cream in my jeans. just being honest
and thats how every man feels
turn around let me smack it
I wanna hear you squeal
Track Name: Hit That
Baby, let me, let me hit that ass, gimme that, let me hit that ass

From the bottom to the top
Good way to describe my life and the way I'm gonna do you tonight
Damn, baby girl don't even play
We're on a mission to save the world
And There's no time to delay
We on our grind for fame
You think this is a game?
Bitch please. no one can put out this flame
Blazing beats in a whole new way
Taming asses day by day
We on a come up gotta throw your hands up
and just let the beat play