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[.22 Hondo]
Looky here man
I'ma tell you straight up
I'm fucked up right now
I got my hoes up right now
I’ma tell you right now
They got my hopes up right now
I keep it one hunnit
I keep it one hunnit
but you already know that
I'm hustling 9-5
Bish I’m Working 9-5
Bitch I'm getting on my grind
Getting getting on my grind
I'm stunting 9-5
I’m flexing 9-5
I’ll be fucking 9-5
She can paint my body
I’ma make her naughty
You know what to do
Playing like the flute
Expanding my money
Son he gon fight you
He not gon neglect you
He cocking the gat
There's no looking back
Bitch I'm reloaded reloaded
Bitch I'm reloaded reloaded

Boom boom splat
Boom boom splat
I'm back to back
This is not Iraq
Bitch I'm back to back
Back to back
Back to back

fuck what you heard
its what you hearin'
5 years later still killin'
this rap game this no fame
this shit bang is lit flame
when we play this in the club
get lit
when she say she wanna fuck
get lit
we be bangin on them subs
get lit
put your fucking hands up
get lit

Bottles of champagne stacked up so high I need a ladder now
Watch your step you climbing pretty high dont you stumble now
I count 3 hos
I fit 5 toes into these Nike swoops
this my coup
sweat pants and I finna juke
orange juice and vod sauce
high heels and booty floss
skimpy on that boat ride
pour a glass then catch a tide
take a dip in the warm water
warm welcome to the gold fam
hold the money
got dirt on it, stripper ass and poles on it
slide in with a back pedal
muddle hoes I deserve a medal
mess with me thats some dumb shit
God know like im the Devil
Im true evil
enemies on my boot heel, come lick
come hear my fire spit
sock it to em ima fly through em
hunt em down cause my crew fit
girls all lined up i slew em all
new bitch in a satin bra
mary J in a mason jar
shit hot you left the stove on
fuck the stove take your clothes off
no love get out my car
9 to 5 fuck a ho put a condom on


from ASSCLAPPERS INTL., released July 4, 2017



all rights reserved


Men 2 Boys Phoenix, Arizona

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