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[ shit ]

Poppin' them bottles and fuckin' with models
I pour up champagne in the back of the Tahoe
An I don't give a fuck what you think about us
Cause I'll catch you in the streets and I'll hit you with my truck
Vroom vroom clear out the room
Men 2 Boys beats sounding like a sonic boom
An it doom doom, when we coming for you
Soon soon, we gonna get you
Bang bang, it's all that we do
Gang gang, slapping in the booth
Fuckin' hoes sideways
Rollin' down highways
There is no other way
There is only my way
Fetty Wap drop top rain drop bitch stop
With that shit take a hit get split get lit
Creeping like El Duende
Men tiendes, comprende?
She call me her vato
But really I'm not though
I just do my thing when I wear my gold chain
Rolled up in the ice melt it like I'm Liu Kang
Doing 140 residential in my bucket
I saw the police and hit the gas like fuck it
I'm too fast and I'm furious
Your hoe look to curious
Catch me in the alley
I'm the king of the valley
Heads will be rolling
An I'll be patrolling
Hoes on 24's got em leaking, Edward Snowden

[.22 Hondo]
We on that gang gang shit
That psycho rampage shit
That fuck you up and it's lit
Ain't talking bout yo clique
We talkin' bout gettin fit
Got my 1911
Now you know I'm the shit
We on that sup sup game
That fast money and fame
I'ma slaughter you all
I see all of you flaws

Bitch then come and get some
With my Smith and Wesson
Fighting fire with fire
cashing check after check
Bitch you still sippin lean
Tiger blood, Charlie sheen

Catch my grip
Catch my dick
Catch a shot
Catch a body
Squeeze that trigg
Squeeze that shit like lit lit
I don't give a fuck man
Who you doing
What you doing
Who you clique
I'ma catch you up and down

Where the rubbers at yeah

Where the rubbers at yeah


Gang gang
I got my flow from the underground
Karat gold in my dentures
thinkin "why the fuck you fuckin' with the boys?"
boy we dangerous
Hot shot
you was on the cast of Barney
when at age 9 i was out shoplifting
had a single flip lighter and I flip when im stressed out
lookin at some church grown sluts they be sexed out
bouncing pale white ass cheeks but they flat
if you cant make it clap
you can get the fuck out my house
shimmy shimmy yah get me hard
fuck your gang my gang go far
bitch Im Gengar lick your bitch get her hot
fuck your whole squad spray em down with my bars
spray your momma too she a whore in disguise
ask me how her stretch marks look on her thighs
Im a wise guy yeah im out of shape
cause i fuck french skanks and the cooking me crepes
Im a killer man make no mistake
break the bank shoot up the place
Bonny, Clyde my lezzy hoes
they make vids and they gimme dome
Lit like a ciggy, but iggy gone flat
put az on the map
fuck fame i want the game but fame is chill i wont complain


from ASSCLAPPERS INTL., released July 4, 2017



all rights reserved


Men 2 Boys Phoenix, Arizona

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