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Uh Make it work bitch
Turn around make it work bitch
make that money bitch
turn around make that money and grab your
Shake that ass for it
On the international tour bring that

This is the chill in your bones like a horror show
20 miles deep in the ground or a comatose
Bad bad bad hoes on the west coast
Rob Boss on em like jelly on toast
Yeah, just a state away on a lower note
Turn that zip code from a 9 to an 8
Haven’t ate, eating cut copy paste bitches
Slurping up them bitches, take a bite out my sandwich
2 to the 1 to the- fuck it Im a 10
Don’t let me round your booty girl poke it with my hen
Toothpick with blood I could really use a pen
Write it down caught flame, call it arson
Shabba ranks style but im light skin Mexican
Sanchez wonder when we drop an album again
Now bitch, turn it back around drop it down bitch
Robby at the bank get down, its what they call me now
ho im blinged out,
looking like a cube tray, andole, yay for the gringa
how you gonna tell me you didn’t come for the brinca?
tan girls, white shirts, white girl Pfeiffer
beat the pussy up, now she gonna need some life alert
okay bad line like the border
Nother bad one, m2b not in order
Fuck it my verse done

Pull up Stop
Check the text bitch
Burning up our next hit
Trilly killin' it Trilly kicking it
Kicking back in the drop top
With my hat off the gloves are off
Pullin no punches pulling out all the stops
Never stop fighting until I'm the one on top
Pull out the pass port
Got bags by Jan Sport
Hop on the plan we going on a world tour
Catch us in the hood you can catch us in the Ritz
We fucks with the poor and we fucks with the rich
Bonjour Salute
Don't fuck with our crew
Hola Adios
Don't fuck with the dios
Amarillo in my glass
I'm steppin' on the gas
Always up in the function
Never let up, live fast
I got straight bars like the penitentiary
Listen up when I spit bitch, it's elementary
An there's flames all around when Trilly getting down
I'm the man of the city ya I run this town
From Phoenix to the Yay
Is the land that we slay
The land that we roam
But the world is our home
Cause we international
An I'm irrational
2k17 Ass clappers international
Slap slap slap slap slappin' yo bitch
Rolling up with Trilly is somethin' that you wish
An it's swish swish swish swish every time I ball
I N T L be slappin' for all
An if you wanna have a good time baby just call
If I don't pick up, then blame it on the law
The ball is in my hand and the game is on the line
1.3 seconds left, just enough time
I sink the shot from half court
Gave them what they asked for
Time to take a trip
Baby grab your passport

I fucked your bitch
I fucked you wife
She she gave me head
she licked me good she licked me nice
we fucked again we fuck to win
we fucked alright
now fuck your clique you know my style
you know my range
now suck the tip
now heres some dick
taste the flavor the flavor of sin
I called her up she talked me down
her hair was did
we fucked around now once again
shorty deep throat the meat rope
the leaves broke
My feet float
we lit we did
2 lives 2 times
2 kids 2 cars
and rich as fuck
too much green and im so high
too much green and im so kind
half chub and im livid
half chub now lets get it
fuck wit me again bitches


from ASSCLAPPERS INTL., released July 4, 2017



all rights reserved


Men 2 Boys Phoenix, Arizona

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