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These hoes just won the lottery
They get to spend the whole night with me
Trilly mo seasoned than Lawrys
Trilly gone hit em with robbery
My trunk flex harder than me, but nobody harder than B see
Bring me the beats, heat an I'll slay all them shits accordingly
I got connects wherever I roam
Go to any hood and call it home
Just leave me alone, y'all don't know
Where my flows and my blows will take you, you hoes
Higher and higher I cannot get down
Drop to your knees and then give me that crown
Life is like a painting there is no complaining
Swerving through the city 24's is skating
In my slab i'm swangin'
Slow loud and banging, Uh
She be blowing me up tryna start a fight
While I be kicking back knocking at the light
Yo toss me that rock cause I'm shooting
Not talking coke bitch, I'm hoopin'
Cross over then fade away
Ankle breaking on the break away
Better run better get away
So you live to see another day

[.22 Hondo]
Hoes and hoes and hoes
Cooking them unlike before
I yayo that ína
I'm driving my bimmer
Roll the dice split the lines

I need a girl that can ride on me
Go head girl
Go head now rattle me
She fucking nonstop she gon have to see
Roll up to the club it's a fallacy

Nintendo in my car
Got the glocks up
Fat blunts bitches roll 'em up
Ice in my VEINS
Ice in my VEINS
22 gon fuck you up

I'm a gorilla, I'm a dog
She gone tell me son what's up
Hustling neighborhood plug
She cooking that limousine thug
Robbing like neighborhood pirates
She gon give her self a virus
Twerking that ass Miley Cyrus

Yeah man tax my ass
I don't give a fuck
22 with the crew
Yeah man fuck you too

Strollin’ with that fat on her
Dollars up in that ass
No need for the toilet paper that green is all that she grab
She tushy fat, she tushy fat she buying all her kids clothes
Dip into that coke bag, Gucci clothes without the tags
Ass on the floor like an ampersand
Twerk high in a hand stand
Slide down like a fire man
Cause the club hot gonna need a fan
Or a firehose got one of those, now let me spray down all the hoes
Tryna get fucked in a function, Drunk as hell and ready to go

Go now robby ready to go
I maniac when I spit up the flow
I lost my mind, don’t you ask me for more
Come get your little bitch out my 4 door
I been producing since Michael been gone
You think we joking come choke on this bone
All these young rappers its time to fuck on
I N T L bitch go hard or go home

Go hard or go home
Come check me out when I’m flinging the disc
Bumping as hard as some e40 shit
Getting turned up now we banging this shit
Like a forest fire, it get too lit


from ASSCLAPPERS INTL., released July 4, 2017



all rights reserved


Men 2 Boys Phoenix, Arizona

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