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(take you where you wanna go)
(Dont you stress about that money whoa)
(We can get drunk by the shore)
(You my boo girl you already know)

Whoa girl you got me goin
You got that thing goin yeah
I can take you where you wanna go
Dont you stress about that money no
We can get drunk by the shore
You my boo girl you already know
(know know)
I can get you poppin bubblegum in my pocket
tell me how you want it
blanket on the beach
bottles in the sand
Get you fucked up
Get you on one you cant stand
rub my baby up
you be feelin' really good
when we start to touch
(yoyo tell me im the one!)
You say you wanna get it right now
and you talkin bout fuckin on the beach right now
What you talkin bout?
We gonna make a baby right now?
Gettin naked girl
you wanna start something right now?
Marry you right now
love with you right now
I can get you hot whoa
get outta that night gown
in love with you right now
(right now? OK, Alright, Yah)

[.22 Hondo]
Jiggl’in that ass
Jiggle Jiggl’in that ass
Mami we gon make that fire
Spit it out and make you higher
I'm talking about decisions
Bish I'm talking about our business
Ain't nobody around us
So we gon get our freak on
Feeling really good
Bish I'm feeling really nice
Hotel in the lobby
What the fuck did I say twice?
Culo in the backseat
Smelling like a taxi
Uber on my right
Got my Lyft on my left
We gon leave this party frontin'
Yeah Ok
Bikini bottomed babe
Ass triggered
Yeah Ok
Thong bottomed babe
Ass triggered
Yeah Ok
G string bottom babe
Yeah Yeah Ok
Ass triggered

Diamonds on my wrist, diamonds on my necklace
Diamonds on my bitch, spending money so reckless
To the bitches in the back, lookin' so desperate
You know you missed your chance and now you gone regret it
Everybody say they living, but living ain't free
If you wanna be big ballin' then you gotta get your money
Rose in your glass
Giuseppe on your feet
Kors on that ass
Candy paint so sweet
Patron on ice take a sip and kick back
Got the hot tub bubbles running up and down your back
I know you like it like that boujee is your style
Ass looking so fat, stay for a while
Benjis all in stack
Lamborghinis parked out back
Wine is on the rack
You know it's bleezy on the track
So much money flossin'
Like Rondo back in Boston
The court I be crossing
This beat is what I'm lost in
Flying round the world, looking so fresh ya
Making love to my girl, it's the best of the best ya
You know we get that paper You know we get that paper
You know we get that paper You know we get that paper


from ASSCLAPPERS INTL., released July 4, 2017



all rights reserved


Men 2 Boys Phoenix, Arizona

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