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Got that candy yeah
Smarty wrapped get your facts
Rollin through the city
With a stash
Hola stacks
She wanna fuck on me
Ride on me like a coaster seat
She gone see how far go, it deep
She gone be my plus one on the first class
Baby girl, baby girl booty look hungry up in that sundress
Cheeks eating up smooth cotton probably cost a grand for the fabric option
Cause that dress fly to impress me
All this time would you talk wit me
Plain taking off now listen me
I got something to say aye

I’m a bad boy
I do bad shit
I’m a busy boy
I aint to play with
You a bad girl
Baby lets hit the road
Before I take you home to mama theres some things that you gotta know

M2B bring the party
Fucking up stuff you gone have to see
Baddest in the building she the one for me
It's all real girl not a fallacy
She move it for Blake
She rock with the bass
Swinging them hips she gimme a taste
I think I'm love drunk, drunk on your humps
Gave you that look now you got goosebumps
Ya I'm a bad man
But you a bad bitch
Fucking with me you thought you was gonna get rich
But it ain't about the money, nah girl you a savage
Only worried about locking down the baddest man on the planet
Ass jiggle when she walk, looking thicker than mayo
Dangerous on the dance floor, looking like fuego
Throw back all the drinks you want, heyo
Anything you want girl, say so
Pockets like Doowah I got 19 20's
and 20 100's I keep it 100
You know I make it happen
Trunk stay slapping
Bass up in ya face and I got that ass clapping
Blake is the baddest the maddest, I mean it
People still hating man they just can't believe it
Cause I rock and scoop
Twist and whip
Hit the two-step then I do that front flip
I said I rock and scoop
Twist and whip
Hit the two-step then I do the front flip
She wanna get a hoodboy
Fucking with no good boy
Got it understood boy?
I'm the one she would, boy
Hitting it
Getting it
Getting lit
Really quick

[.22 Hondo]
I got mad dick
And you do bad shit
Tell me what you see
Tell me tell me what you need

Now Go on girl
Now it move nice and slow
Cuz I'm an ass man
That's all you need to know
You told me your a nympho
I'm ready to perform

Eyes closed
Shake it up and down
Mami you so sexy
I'm Ready to explode

Meeting you
The best day of my life
Them cuffs
Them chains
I'm gonna it make rain
Grey poupon on your bum
That's what I'm livin for

S&M on the bed
Looking like a show

you and me
take turns
fuck it up
Let her climb up to the top of me
she a freak it aint stoppin see
we inhaled a cloud of the kush
Bust and chill fuck a movie
riding riding
full nelson grinding
pound pound like the EU
cha ching and the gouda too
all the cheese like Pee ew
all that KY call it Jiffy lube
condom sticking to my member
flavors like cherry banana


from ASSCLAPPERS INTL., released July 4, 2017



all rights reserved


Men 2 Boys Phoenix, Arizona

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