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1 2 3 4
clap that ass a little more
1 2 3 4
I want to see you on that floor like
1 2 3 4
bootys slap behind closed doors
1 2 3 4
come on baby give me more

we international
now clap

[.22 Hondo]
Every time I come around this bitch
They tryna tell me I'ma make them rich
Coming up im in that Ace of Diamonds
We gon fuck we gon let off sirens
Make it rain I'ma pull out that thunder
Take it off girl go make it louder
I'm in the zone i'm like Saint Laurent
Some Dom Perignon in the morning
I feel like givin' tips of 40
Not too much just enough to flaunt me
If we gon fuck we gon fuck some more
It dont matter girl I'm down on the floor
100 dollar bills 100 dollar bills
I dont know but I'm feelin so trill
All the way up and I'm feeling so hard
Clap that ass girl thong or nah
22 will make you feel so good
Cuz we gon do it we gon do it some more yeah

I got fine ass bitches all over the world
turn around and make it clap that fat ass girl
Rob B, vibrate on me alright
a fine day for a thot
shake it like michael j fox on my cock, cock back let that hair whip
I just want cheeks I dont want no tits
amore when she giving me brain
fuck her in the ass i dont step on the brakes
when I speed in my whip she be lickin the tip
I dont want you fuckboys be giving me lip
When I got 8 stacks for a trip to the club
you better crawl on all 4s like the dog that you are
im a beast
you fuckers cant fuck with Rob
Im laying back in my studio lootin your wallets
I dont care if you want it or not
Assclappers up first on the billboard charts
nah fuck that
Im the king of the streets
gotta clean my sheets every day not every week
cuz fat bitches make a mess in the bed
ah ah ah

un we international
(Turn it up!)
now clap

Assclappers assclappers International

I rock with movers and shakers all around the world
Big booty hoes that's my kind of girls
She show up in the function rocking nothin' but ass
Shaking it for the party, that shit was a blast
Then my homie put her on blast for bein a hoe
So I caught him in the dome and said you gotta go
She might be freaky and she might get loose
But that there's my hoe so you can catch me with the deuce
An I fuck after hours after party homecoming bridal showers
I get it when I get it and she with it when I hit it
That pussy so wet I be stroking and swimming
She be moanin' and grinning
I be scoring, she's winning
Fuck a boat load of hoes
Pantyhose on the door
Do not disturb sign
Fucking five 9's at one time
Plus three dimes
The I bounce
Give it to you when it counts

Ass clappers Ass clappers international


from ASSCLAPPERS INTL., released July 4, 2017



all rights reserved


Men 2 Boys Phoenix, Arizona

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