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Watch em all fly they rollin
My girl out there rollin
I smoke too much im floatin
floatin too much, that potion
Watch me fuck hoes in motion
Hotel view with ocean
4 story bills we coastin
Let a boy fuck no ho'in
We aint soft no lotion
Dollar bill on that notion
Cock a glock shoot my haters
They speak without knowing

One in the bank
Gas in the tank
Gas gas gas

She gotta moves like it’s a hobby
Take a bitch meet my mommy
Spank her till im her papi
Robby raise a toast to the other girls
Robby raise a toast for the diamond rings
Overboard finer things
Are hoe bling
Rock the boat
Call me when you lonely

Why you always wanna know shit
Keep ya nose out my business
Cause you don't really wanna know shit
That's how you end up on the hit list
Pistol on my waist bitch I'm strapped up
You all up in my face bitch back up
Beating that trunk loose, slappin'
A pimp not a player, mackin'
Whippin' and twistin' and breakin' them ankles
Livin' not trippin' I'm good and I'm thankful
Candy paint drippin' I'm sippin' so tranquil
Flippin', flea-flickin' that money, need a raincoat
Call us innovators going up like elevators
I'm a strong communicator got that force like Darth Vader
An I'll force grab your hoe
Curl up them toes
Boats floating by dropping yola on the shore
Yachts and the women that's all I wanna know
40's on the beach 40 butts on the floor
Tatted up looking like some ice cream
Bikini so small need an eyepiece
Catch me on the beach, where I be
If you wanna have a good time, find me
You need some money bubble butt?
Shake it shake it, double up
Girl lookin' too fly always in the fuckin' cut
Blake don't cake hoes, but Trilly drop that dough
Two shots or mo, I'm a goblin like Dafoe
Yes, I am the one that everybody knows
Let's get fucked up and party on the shore
Sunset looking like gold in the Cadillac throwed feelin' so throwed
Lemme get back to rapping I'm the clean I'm that mean
All y'all bitches know what that mean
Yah yah yah yah yah

Leanin on my day off
Just sippin' on that aqua
lemon lime mixed with it whoa
just sippin on that aqua
Laening on my day off
straw sippin scratching on that bottom
Im fading as the sun submerge
try to keep my body up aye

[.22 Hondo]
Grab the keys to my car
Grab the cheese
Got the feels
At the bar
And I'm filling my cup
Getting tips
Getting rich
Getting fucked
Cuz she
Thick in the waist
Thick in the waist
Ain't no time here to waste
And there's no tummy tuck
Cause she looking to fuck
Ass is so fat
It what dreams are made of
That's a fact
Cuz we breaking that bread
So elated
Cuz we making that bread
Ain't no flaunting the gold teeth
But we rocking the 2-3s
Yeah Yeah Yup


from ASSCLAPPERS INTL., released July 4, 2017



all rights reserved


Men 2 Boys Phoenix, Arizona

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